Meet The Designers


Terri Wasdyke

Terri, as she is known to her clients and friends, began her passion for the arts at a young age. This passion led to a Bachelor of Science in Art degree, along with a minor in Psychology, from the University of Delaware. During her fine art studies, Terri mastered the skills needed for using color, composition, patterns and textures to create unique and visually pleasing effects. Upon graduating from the University of Delaware, Terri secured an office management position at a local commercial and residential interior design firm. This position afforded her the learning experience of overseeing all aspects of design projects; from preparing proposals, to scheduling and coordinating all phases of a project. During this time, Terri also established relationships with vendors and local workrooms which would prove beneficial in the years to come. After five years of managing the design firm, Terri realized her true desire - she wanted to become an interior designer. She returned to school for an Associates Degree in Interior Design. While attending classes, Terri became a homeowner and acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction of homes. Her hands-on experience included the proper installation of drywall and floor coverings, to painting walls and installing window treatments. After completing her Interior Design degree, Terri returned to the Brandywine Valley as a designer for a local firm, but soon realized she wanted more creative freedom.

In 1997, Brandywine Design became a dream come true. "I really love the work I do. I enjoy meeting all types of people and seeing all types of interiors," says Terri, relaxing at her home office. "I love the challenge of trying to incorporate all of the requirements and relationships of each interior area. Every project is different and each requires its own creative design solution. It is very rewarding to me to see each completed project and to know others will be enjoying the work Brandywine Design has done." Since its inception, Brandywine Design has accomplished successful projects for such clients as Day Spa by Tanya, Corby Motor Company, Brandywine Urology Consultants, P.A., chiropractic offices, law offices, and a retirement living complex. This is in addition to the many large and small residential projects Brandywine Design has completed.


Christine Danek

Christine has always had an avid interest in the art field. She began drawing floorplans by the age of 11 and showed a great interest in art and furniture history. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and then went right to work for a local design firm. She has over eighteen years experience in design and project management for both residential and commercial interiors. Her business skills, creativity and keen ability to understand the needs of her clients attribute to the success of her projects.

Christine does not favor one particular style of design. She prefers taking influences from many different eras and quietly mixing them together. She states “every project is unique-from the clients’ personalities and needs to the layout and requirements of the space. As an interior designer, I am able to directly influence the quality of my clients’ work and home experiences. This is very rewarding to me.”