Commercial Case Study

Pulmonary Associates

Newark, DE

Background: Brandywine Design was contacted to assist with finish selections. 

Objective: Update outdated and worn wallcovering, paint, laminate and carpet. 

Client interview: Clients wanted color that would make patients feel peaceful and relaxed. Needed materials that were durable yet still cost effective. 

Details: Brandywine Design selected blues and greens as these colors create a more soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Blues remind people of water and greens remind people of trees, grass and the outdoors. Green is also the color of health in Feng Shui. The chair fabric had to be durable and cleanable, and the carpet had to allow for wheelchair/walker mobility. 

Result: The new color palette was well received and gave the office a much more updated look. Simply by replacing the fabric on the chairs allowed the client to reuse them. The tight loop and low pile of the carpet will enable all of the patients to freely move through the space and greatly minimize the appearance of wear.