Residential Case Study

Basement Renovation

Wilmington, DE

Background: After Brandywine Design had successfully designed the main living areas for this growing family, we were contacted to design their unfinished basement.

Objective: A comfortable place where their two young girls could play, store their toys, and have parties, as well as a place for the family to gather and watch movies.

Client interview: The clients wanted a place that the girls could play and store their toys so the homeowners could “reclaim” their Living Room. In addition, they wanted to be able to comfortably watch a movie with the children, but also entertain adults. The clients also requested a bathroom and kitchenette incorporated in the layout.

Details: We were able to accommodate all of the clients’ wishes, and even more. We created a room for the girls to do craft projects, a kitchenette with room for a bistro table and chairs for birthday parties, a comfortable room for movie watching, a full bathroom, and a storage room with shelving for the girls’ toys, games and books, with plenty of floor space for playing and lounging in their bean bag chairs. A rich looking laminate floor was the backdrop for some colorful area rugs which can be easily changed out as the girls grow or as “accidents happen”. The fabrics and furniture styles chosen are on the contemporary side, which flows with the design of the rest of the home. The colors are sophisticated, yet still fun and lighthearted, which appeals to both children and adults.

Result: A comfortable, functional space that the girls can grow with- as well as the parents! And best of all, the clients got their Living Room back.